Date: Jun 3, 2019

Battle-tested Public Servant Aims to Make Florida a Leader in Addiction Recovery

Meet John Hulick who served as drug czar for New Jersey and is now drug czar for Palm Beach County.

As the book “Dreamland” notes, the focal point of ending the opioid epidemic in the public sector is the county level.  Among our nation’s 3,000 counties vital services converge – law enforcement, fire and EMS, public health departments and social welfare agencies.  John Hulick had a number of career paths he could have chosen after working for Gov. Chris Christie, a national leader on the opioid epidemic.  His journey led him to a critical Florida county that embodies our national struggle with the opioid epidemic and addiction treatment in particular.   John brings more to the job than a resume. His gut-wrenching personal experience with substance abuse is key to his success. Read More…