1. A New Law Enforcement Approach to Heroin and Opioid Prevention

    Law enforcement is taking a new approach to working with individuals with heroin/opioid addiction and mental illness. Across the country, more law enforcement agencies are partnering with treatment organizations to get people the help they need, rather than throwing them in jail. Addiction-related o…Read More

  2. Police Dogs Overdosing on Narcotics

    A recent CNN op-ed from Jane Desmond brings to light a new issue to come from the heroin crisis. The opioid epidemic is claiming a new species of victim: dogs. It has come to light that police dogs are now overdosing on fentanyl, an opioid that can be 100 times stronger than morphine, and carfentani…Read More

  3. Company Provides Drug Rehab to Employees Due to Opioid Crisis

    Richmond, IN — The opioid epidemic has had an undeniable and pervasive impact on this country, and this can be seen in the experience of John Stroup of Belden Inc. In attempting to hire employees manufacturing his computer networking equipment, one out of 10 applicants failed the required drug tes…Read More

  4. How You Can Help Your Community With the Opioid Epidemic

    All kinds of communities feel the impact of the heroin and opioid epidemic. Whether you are a member of law enforcement, a leader of a faith community, a healthcare professional, or simply a concerned citizen, you may be wondering how you can help your community through heroin and opioid addiction a…Read More

  5. Retailers Use Blue Lights to Discourage Heroin Use

    In an effort to deter people from injecting drugs in their bathroom stalls, retailers have begun installing blue light bulbs in their restrooms. The idea is that the blue light prevents people from seeing their veins and injecting in the desired spot. While this concept has been discussed for quite …Read More

  6. Tips for Talking to Your Teen About Heroin

    The teen years are difficult for adolescents and their parents alike. As your teenager begins to explore the world and develop their identity, they may push your boundaries to test the limits. While a little teenage rebellion is normal and healthy during this time of life, when drugs enter the pictu…Read More

  7. Drug Spoon Sculpture Installed Outside Purdue Pharma Headquarters

    On June 22 in Stamford, Connecticut, a sculpture of a drug spoon was installed outside of the headquarters of Purdue Pharma in protest of the opioid crisis in the United States. The 800-pound, 10.5-foot steel sculpture named “Purdue” was created by artist Domenic Esposito and was placed at the d…Read More

  8. Anthony Bourdain – Heroin and Suicide Among White Males

    The recent suicide deaths of public figures Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade reflect a growing trend in the United States. These tragic, shocking events draw attention to a public health crisis that has been steadily increasing in most states over the last two decades. Bourdain, who would have turned…Read More