Providing the Tools and Technology that Deliver Solutions for Education, Prevention and Recovery


Give America Hope publishes and develops educational, instructional and awareness materials that help people of all ages and positions–from students to parents to decision-makers–identify and take action on addiction and recovery. With our knowledge and insights into the key indicators of the personal, social, community and public factors that are critical to understanding addiction and recovery, Give America Hope will continue to make these effective, easy-to-use and actionable materials available to the public.



Through our tools and technology, Give America Hope has embarked on developing comprehensive assessment instruments specific to the prevention of addiction. These instruments are highly intuitive and user-friendly to the individual or audience we are reaching. With these breakthrough assessment instruments, Give America Hope can accurately identify the specific sets of factors that greatly increase the preventative steps to avoiding addiction.



Give America Hope understands that there are two sides to overcoming addiction: Initial Treatment and Recovery. While most of the attention has been focused on the initial treatment side, Give America Hope knows this is only one side of the equation and does not guarantee long-term and sustained success over addiction. Give America Hope develops the same highly sophisticated and evidence-based assessment instruments focused on recovery that accurately measure a person’s recovery likelihood and clearly identifies and measures the predictive indicators to ensure a long-term, successful recovery.


Give America Hope: Our Work Takes the Guesswork Out of Addiction Prevention and Recovery