Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop timely, free, and accessible education and training programs to help individuals, families, communities, governments, and society eradicate the heroin and opioid epidemic, as well as other pervasive health and safety crises facing our nation. Through individual donors, philanthropies, and public and private sector support we responsively promote positive change and well-being.

Message from the President

Almost every day, I read in the news that someone in my community has died, or hear from a friend that someone they know is gone because of a drug overdose. Heroin and prescription opioid addiction and abuse is an epidemic in our country. It has touched almost every community, every family, in some way. Many of these cases start with a legitimate prescription to control pain, and progress until the individual is seeking stronger forms and higher quantities on the street.

That’s why I founded Give America HOPE (Heroin-Opioid Prevention Education). Our goal is to educate communities, specifically our school-age children, of the dangers associated with prescription pain medications. If we can teach the next generation how quickly these medications can take hold of your life, we may be able to reduce or even eliminate the number of people becoming addicted.

Only with education and prevention can we stop this killer. People with opioid addictions are not criminals or bad people. Most of them were simply looking for a way to reduce physical pain, only to become physically dependent on the drugs themselves. We need to understand these people in order to help them, and we need to learn from their stories in order to prevent the continuation of this disease. Join our movement, and together, we can prevent and raise awareness of heroin-opioid addiction.